Good Morning Sunshine  10  

sunny egg, pulled braised bacon, avocado, tomato & rosemary aioli on brioche


Grandma Anna  10  

scrambled egg, house guanciale, broccoli rabe chimichurri, sweet hot pepper aioli on brioche


New Morning  10  

soft scrambled eggs, roasted cauliflower & shishito peppers, pickled onions, cilantro & jalapeno yogurt


Pulled Chicken  12  

braised in tomatoes, garlic, apples & chilies - dressed with sliced pickles, cucumbers, fresh cilantro & cilantro aioli


Pernil Romero  12  

naturally raised pork slow cooked in garlic, fennel & rosemary 


Smoked Trout   15  

house smoked brook trout, hardwood bacon, green apple, pickled onion, frisee & horseradish creme


Cauliflower (vegan)  12

roasted cauliflower steak, raw walnut pate, cucumbers, frisee, pickled onion, mint, cilantro & hot flower sauce



All Day, Every Day (vegan)  12

shredded greens, diced market vegetables, roasted squash, farro, salted granola & all day dressing


Grain & Egg Bowl   14

crispy grains, diced seasonal vegetables, dressed greens & a sunny egg

sunny egg +2 each / avocado +3 / bacon +3 / roasted chicken+5 / house smoked trout +7



Burrata Tartine  9

fresh burrata, guava jam, extra virgin & sea salt


Green Tartine   10

ubiquitous & obligatory…for reasons avocado, herb yogurt, red onion & market sprouts

add a sunny egg  +2 / add bacon  +3 / add house smoked trout  +5


Yogurt Bowl  10

Greek yogurt, market fruit granola, honey, sprouted flax, bee pollen & toasted coconut


Blueberry Corn Waffle  12

warm honey butter & housemade clabber cream


Buttermilk Pancakes with warm honey butter   12

add fresh berries+2 / add bananas & granola+2


Buckwheat Pancakes (Gluten Free)   14

wildflower honey, orange, turmeric butter

add fresh berries+2 / add bananas & granola+2


Additions & Sides

1 egg any style  2 / side of grains 5 / hardwood bacon  5 / side green salad  5

side of toast  3 / side of avocado  3 / fried fingerling potatoes  7



 Daily Baked Goods  (prices vary)

vegan options available

Ice Cream   6

100% organic ice cream flavors change weekly

a collaboration with MILK SUGAR LOVE



Individual Juices; choose one: 7  Green Apple, Orange, Grapefruit or Carrot

Green Fields   10  green apple, kale, cucumber, ginger, matcha agave

To My Health  10  spinach, celery, pineapple, orange, 

Mango & Turmeric Shrub   7

WSD   8  red bell pepper juice, lemon, chipotle agave, mint

Black Basil Palmer   6  black tea, lemon, cinnamon basil infused honey

Sparkling Vanilla Cold Brew   7  Madagascar vanilla, cane sugar

Dark Lemon Soda  7  lemon, honey, salt, activated charcoal

New Orange Soda   7  orange, grapefruit, ginger, agave

Carbonated Watermelon Fresca   7  fresh watermelon water, basil, essence



Espresso  3

Macchiato  3.5

Americano   3.5

Latte (almond or coconut milk +.50)   4

Wild Son Cold Brew  3

Iced Latte (almond or coconut milk +.50)  4

Wild Son Nitro Cold Brew 5