served chilled, by the half dozen with nori mignonette

Black DuckSalts Hog Island Bay, VA   18

Point Lookout Chesapeake Bay, MD   19

Beausoleil New Brunswick, Canada   19

Mixed Dozen of any of today's oysters   35



Raw Walnut Pate  12

cashew cheese, raw vegetables & toast


Shishito Peppers  13

gremolata, tonnato aioli


Fried Black Rice  15

diced vegetables, yeshi, egg yolk


Fried Oysters  16

green chili & cilantro raita in lettuce cups


Steamed Clams  15

ginger & almond milk tea, corn, celery frond, green coriander



Milk & Honey  12

burrata cheese over grilled seven grain, local honey, smoked salt & xvirgin


Warm Olives  6

candied grapefruit rind, citrus oil


Valentina Cucumbers  8

sliced cucumbers, valentina, sweet vinegar, pickled onions, cilantro & chili self



Green Salad  12

kale, root vegetables, roasted squash, salted granola, miso dressing


Early Summer  12

bibb lettuce, treviso, green apples, radish, sweet walnuts, green ranch



Double Cheese Burger   19

house short rib blend, aged cheddar & dressed greens on grilled sesame seed brioche roll

served with crispy fingerling potatoes 

antibiotic free, grass fed and grain finished beef from Paisanos Butcher, Brooklyn

add hardwood smoked bacon  +3


Fried Cauliflower Sandwich  15

shishitos, frisee, pickled onion, cilantro, green yoghurt


Pulled Bacon BLT  16

tomato, bibb lettuce & rosemary mayo on brioche



Mussels  21

house guanciale, serrano peppers, smoked broth & house baked bread


Pan Roasted Chicken  23

charred rapini, house fermented red chili


Smoked Whole Roasted Trout  26

celery ribbon salad, tortilla, jalapeño yoghurt


Braised Lamb Breast  27

radish slaw, lettuce cups, za’atar yoghurt, honey



Roasted Rainbow Carrots  12

dill yoghurt, mint, hazelnuts


Warm Black Kale  12

wilted with house fermented chili, coconut oil, breadcrumbs


Crispy Fingerling Potatoes  18

vinegar salt, aioli


Broccoli Rabe  9

fermented chili, garlic & golden raisins


Small Salad  7

daily greens & vegetables with lemon honey vinaigrette



Daily Baked Goods  (prices vary)

vegan options available


Ice Cream   6

100% organic ice cream flavors change weekly

a collaboration with MILK SUGAR LOVE


Coffee  3

Espresso  3

Latte  4